2018, Healthy Aging Seminar-November 10th,

November 10th, 2018 Venue: Hellenic Pasteur Institute

Please find the preliminary program here and register ONLINE The European Geriatric Medicine Society, in cooperation with the Hellenic Pasteur Institute and with the participation of the Hellenic Consortium for Geriatric Medicine and the International Society for Vascular Health and Aging is proud to announce the organization of the first “Pre-congress EuGMS 2020” Sem...


2017, 14th Hellenic Nutrition & Dietetics Congress and 3rd Congress of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism

November 24-26, 2017 Venue:

HeSSRA participates for the 3rd consecutive year in the program of the Hellenic Nutrition & Dietetics Congress. In the Clinical Tutorial "Geriatric Nutrition: Experiential Seminar", the following members of HeSSRA will speak: G. Soulis (Geriatrician, HeSSRA Vice-President) E. Tzanetakou (Clinical Dietitian, Biomedical Scientist, HeSSRA Treasurer) I. Georgiopoulos (Urolo...


2017, European Geriatric Medicine Society -EuGMS Workshop

June 26, 2017 Venue: Electra Metropolis, Athens Greece

The members of the Executive Board of the EuGMS (European Geriatric Medicine Society), in an effort to support the initiative of Greek physicians of all specialties interested in Geriatrics and the care of the elderly, will organize a workshop in Athens at the Electra Metropolis Hotel titled: Development of Geriatric Medicine : A perspective for a new approach towards the older patients. We cor...


2017, Cyprus Annual Medical Students Meeting

March 24th, 2017 Venue: European University of Cyprus, Nicosia

The Hellenic Society for the Study and Research of Aging was honored to have participated in the 2017 edition of the Cyprus Annual Medical Students Meeting.  This event was hosted by the School of Medicine of the European University Cyprus at their impressive Nicosia campus.  Mrs. Evi Voudiklari introduced HeSSRA to the audience and explained the goals of our society and the...


2016, Winter School of Geriatrics

2nd-3rd December, 2016 Venue: Athens, Greece

The Hellenic Society for the Study and Research of Aging (HeSSRA) organizes the Winter School of Geriatrics, entitled 'Investigations and risk management of falls in older people ", which will be held December  2-3rd, 2016 in Athens.  See the Course Program Venue: Hotel Stratos Vassilikos, Michalakopoulou 114, Athens.   ...


2015, Fall School of Geriatrics

10th-11th October, 2016 Venue: University of Cyprus

HeSSRA organizes the Fall School of Geriatrics in Nicosia, Cyprus on the 10th-11th of October, 2016.   ...


2015, Summer School of Geriatrics

8th-10th May, 2015 Venue: Golden Age Hotel, Athens Greece

HeSSRA organizes the Summer School of Geriatrics in Athens, Greece, on the 8th-10th of May.  The final program may be be viewed here.  ...


2014, Multidisciplinary Colloquium on Primary Health Care

11th-12th October, 2014 Venue: University of Cyprus, Nicosia

As part of continuing medical education activities conducted by the Society for General Medicine Cyprus (E. G. I. K.) In the last decade, we organize this this Primary Health Care multidisciplinary workshop at the University of Cyprus.  The seminar is aimed at general and internal medicine physicians and all other health practitioners working in the primary care sector. The conference&rs...


2013, Specific Nutritional Problems in the Elderly

15th-16th November, 2013 Venue: Amalia Hotel, Athens Greece

POSTGRADUATE COURSE “SPECIFIC NUTRITIONAL PROBLEMS IN THE ELDERLY” IAGG – International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics  November 15-16, 2013 Amalia Hotel, Athens, Greece   Presentation: The main issues will concern: 1. Sarcopenia and Frailty 2. Nutritional supplements in the elderly 3. Fighting against Malnutrition 4. Phy...


2012, 3rd Joint WHO-IAGG-SFGG Workshop

20th-21st January, 2012 Venue: Electra Palace Hotel, Athens

  IAGG - International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics WHO - World Health Organization SFGG - Société Française de Gériatrie et de Gérontologie are pleased to introduce their 3rd joint workshop on “ Promoting access to innovation and clinical research for frail old persons”   Presentation: The main issues wil...


2012, Africa Ageing- Beyond Madrid + 10, 1st Africa Region Conference of Gerontology and Geriatrics

17-20 October 2012 Venue: Protea President Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

Review the program HERE The 1st Africa Region Conference of Gerontology and Geriatrics  was organised in cooperation with the President of He.S.S.R.A Prof. Athanase Benetos (Tresurer 2012 of the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics-IAGG) and the Professors, Bruno Vellas, President 2012 of IAGG, Alain Franco, Secretary General 2012 of IAGG&nb...


2011, 4th International Seminar On Preventive Geriatrics

1st-3rd April, 2011 Venue: Ionic Center, Athens, Greece

4TH INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR ON PREVENTIVE GERIATRICS, APRIL 1-3, 2011, ATHENS WELCOME TO THE OVERVIEW OF THE : “PHYSICAL ACTIVITES, NUTRITION & QUALITY OF AGING” SEMINAR !!! 01-03 APRIL, 2011, IONIC CENTER, ATHENS Geriatric medicine has focused primarily on the management of acute and chronic diseases in frail older persons, whilst recently much more emphasis is given on ...


2009, European Cardiovascular Conference on the Elderly Patient

27th-29th November, 2009 Venue: Megaron Athens International Conference Center, Athens, Greece



2007, 3rd Workshop on Preventive Geriatrics

20th-23rd September, 2007 Venue: Rodos Palace Hotel, Rhodes, Greece

3rd Workshop on Preventive Geriatrics “Frailty” : from biology to management"  Clinical and biological aspects What is Frailty ? One syndrome or accumulation of clinical signs of aging ? Early detection of frail elderly Biological markers of frailty : from metabolic syndrome to inflammation Body composition : obesity, sarcopenia and frailty ...


2005, 2nd Workshop on Preventive Geriatrics

23th-24th September, 2005 Venue: Kipriotis Hotel, Kos, Greece

ANTI-AGING MEDICINE : MYTHS and REALITIES Workshop co-organized with the : -          European Academy for Medicine of Ageing -          European Network of Teachers on Therapeutics -          Société Française de Gériatrie e...


2003, 1st Workshop on Preventive Geriatrics

26th-27th September, 2003 Venue: Neptune Hotel, Kos, Greece

The possibilities of aging prevention and the consequences have been the subject of debate among leading scientific experts from around the world during the International Scientific Conference of Preventive Geriatric on "Newest aspects of Aging prevention, Myths and Realities" held from 22 to September 24 in Kos. The meeting was attended by university professors and leading scientists...