In 2010, Prof. Athanase Benetos published (in French and Greek) his book entitled “ The ABC’s of the future centenarian” 


How to live to be one hundred years old and stay in shape? The idea is as old and the world: Paracelsus swallowed gold as we ingest antioxidants and vitamins; Dr Voronof transplanted monkey testicles into older men ... The secrets of longevity feed a lucrative market that reinvents both products and promises . But what do we really know about them? What can we realistically do to live a hundred years and stay in shape?

What is myth and what is reality from everything we hear? Genetic interventions, growth hormone, Gingko, Cretan diet, red wine, minerals, siestas, asceticism, walking ... Professor of Geriatrics Athanasios Benetos analyzes and prioritizes the information we have available today, and future development in determining one’s biological age, in order to provide personalized answers to the aging conundrum.

In an era where information is disseminated in a uncontrolled speed, where everything is sold and bought, the author of this book distinguishes science from quackery; reality from fantasies; and ultimately gives us valuable advice on health and longevity in a simple, lively and enjoyable form.