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Nutritional determinants of frailty in older adults: A systematic review 

Laura Lorenzo-López1† , Ana Maseda1† , Carmen de Labra1 , Laura Regueiro-Folgueira1 , José L. Rodríguez-Villamil1 and José C. Millán-Calenti1,2
BMC Geriatrics (2017) 17:108 
This systematic review discusses the quantitative (energy intake) and qualitative (nutrient quality) factors of nutrition in the development of frailty syndrome in older adults

Interventions to Prevent Falls in Community-Dwelling Older Adults

US Preventive Services Task Force Recommendation Statement

JAMA. doi:10.1001/jama.2018.3097
This article provides a comprehensive summary of the interventions recommended by the USPSTF to prevent falls in community dwelling older adults.  The USPSTF recommends at a high level of evidence the implementation of exercise interventions, while supplementation of Vitamin D for community dwelling adults over 65y without a history of osteoporosis or Vit. D deficiency is not recommended.