The society's primary objectives are the research and study of aging.  More specifically, the scientific study of the prevention and management of the biological, medical, psychological and social consequences of aging. The society endeavors to conduct theoretical and practical research on aging, to systematically record their findings and to oversee broader educational programs targeting:

(A) the study, scientific research, planning and development by any appropriate legal means of the disciplines of geriatrics and gerontology,

(B) the exchange of views, the development of discourse and knowledge transfer between scientists and professionals working in sectors related to aging and its biological, medical, psychological and social consequences,

(C) the systematic recording and evaluation, with or without using statistical methods, of scientific data regarding the prevention and treatment of aging,

(D) the development, dissemination and support, by any legal means, of scientific research; the presentation and distribution of research efforts, conclusions and proposals to the scientific community on the prevention and treatment of the biological, medical and social consequences of aging; and their implementation on the exercise of all professions directly or indirectly associated with aging,

(E) the continuous information and education, in theory and practice, of health professionals and the public on the development of geriatrics and gerontology,

(F) the support, by all appropriate and lawful means, of specialists and professionals engaged in the design, research and treatment of aging and its consequences and symptoms,

(H) the contribution towards the development, organization and registration of quality control standards for the establishment and operation of study centers, research, treatment and aging prevention in Greece; and the consolidation and recognition of professional qualifications, which are directly or indirectly linked to the research and study of aging and its biological, medical and social consequences.



The accomplishment of these objectives will be pursued through:

                  a) the organization of research projects, which will contribute to the theoretical and practical dissemination, implementation, scientific development, application and development of geriatrics and gerontology,

                  b) the creation of scientific groups to participate in research and general scientific programs, events and collaborative proceedings within fields related to the society's objectives,

                  c) the presentation of the society's research findings to the scientific community and the public

                  d) the organization of interviews, theoretical and practical seminars, training courses, lectures, conferences and presentations of any kind, within legal and ethical bounds, which will contribute to the theoretical and practical dissemination, research, teaching and implementation of geriatrics and gerontology,

                  e) the request to scientists, either members of the society or not, for the production of scientific or general educational material for the dissemination and teaching of geriatrics and gerontology,

                  f) the establishment of a meeting space, in which members of the company and any interested party may join in the pursuit of the objectives of the society; and where they may be informed, may discuss and exchange views on geriatrics and gerontology,

                  g) the establishment and operation, for research purposes, of elderly care units and study and research centers of aging in collaboration with scientists and professionals, along with any relevant national or international body and authority,

                  h) the organization of research programs on the rehabilitation of the biological, medical and social consequences of aging in Greece or abroad; including medical tourism programs for research, with public participation, the assistance of specialized scientists and professionals and cooperation with relevant national and international bodies, as with any third person or entity, who can contribute by any lawful means to them,

                  i) the recording of the company's activities in print, digital or audiovisual form and the study their impact on the public, as with the critical presentation in print, electronic and digital media of modern developments in geriatrics and gerontology,

                  j) the creation of a website and a specific web portal, accessible to all interested parties, with or without subscription, which will record the activities of the society, will aggregate training material related to geriatrics and gerontology, will inform the public about the activity of the scientific community in regards to the society's area of interest, and will showcase the society's activities,

                  k) the collection of physical, digital and audiovisual material and the creation of a library, archive and database of geriatrics and gerontology, which will be available to regular, honorary and associate members of the society members and to any interested scientist who will contribute to the activity or participation in the pursuit of its objectives,

                  l) the representation and participation of the society, of its members and of any other scientists who in any way participate in and support the society's activities, in national, European and international scientific events, research projects, conferences, practical and theoretical seminars, in domestic, international and European scientific networks, in exchange programs of electronic and other information, and research into geriatrics and gerontology, at local, national or supranational organizations, research and educational programs of the competent national, international and European institutions and generally in the participation in any kind of events and activities at global level such as to contribute to the promotion and development of geriatrics and gerontology and the sustained information, education and scientific training in these disciplines,

                  m) all forms of cooperation and provision of scientific information and advisory support to scientists, researchers and professionals in the medical, paramedical and other aging-related fields; to educational institutions and educators at all levels; to companies in the pharmaceutical, parapharmaceutical, laboratory, technical and technological support sectors; to hospitals, mental health facilities and elderly care units; and in general to any person or entity, private or public in nature, which directly or indirectly is involved with the study, research, dissemination and development of geriatrics and gerontology and the application of the principles, guidelines, treatment and prevention of aging,

                  n) the establishment of special awards, prizes, scholarships and grants for the financial support of scientific research and production project in a field related to the society's objectives,

                  o) the support, by any legal means, of members of the society, and of individual scientists or scientific groups towards the production of scientific endeavors, the promotion of the society's objectives and the contribution, in general, to the growth, development and consolidation of geriatrics and gerontology in Greece and abroad.